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Winner’s Meats wins FOUR Awards at Ohio’s Meat Convention!

Winner’s Meats, which is located in both Osgood and Greenville, participated at the Ohio Association of Meat Processors Convention in Columbus Ohio this past weekend. Meat processors statewide entered their best homemade products into a competition between other Ohio meat processors. Judges used various criteria such as appearance, aroma, texture, and of course, taste to base their decisions on the anonymous entries. This year’s judges were representatives from the Food Science Division from Ohio State, and other prominent members of organizations that deal in the food industry. There also where many vendors sharing their newest spices, equipment, packaging, and other supplies utilized in the meat processing industry.

Winner’s Meats proudly came home with FOUR awards this year. Winner’s received two First place awards for their homemade Beef Smokey Sticks and Home Cured Slab Bacon. A Reserve Champion award for their Blue Ribbon Bologna. And a Blue Ribbon or Grand Champion award for their Winner’s Wieners!

Winner Corporation, better known as Winner’s Meats welcomes their
4th Generation as new shareholders!

Founded in 1928, Robert Winner began butchering cattle and hogs in a barn and processing it for friends and family. Today, the business has expanded immensely under the guidance of three generations of Winner’s.

The third generation is very proud and welcoming of the new shareholders taking on more roles and responsibilities. “Only about 3% of family businesses operate into the 4th generation or beyond. (Family Business Institute, 2009)”

For more information on the new 4th Generation, go to the Management Page or check out the full article in the News section.
(Left to Right) Jesse Winner, Troy Winner, Travis Winner & Will Winner

With the weather finally starting to warm up and Summer approaching, remember to stop by any Winner’s Meats location to satisfy all of your grilling needs! Flavored Brats, Steaks, Burgers, Marinated Pork Chops and more more!

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Feeder Cattle Apr178.525  chart-0.725  chart -0.40%
Lean Hogs Apr 14124.775  chart-0.15  chart -0.12%
Live Cattle Apr 1144.20  chart-1.575  chart -1.09%
Corn May 14491.25  chart-3.50  chart -0.71%
Oats Jul 14355.50  chart-0.25  chart -0.07%
Soybeans May 141508.75  chart-5.25  chart -0.35%

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