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2019 Deer Season

Deer meat can be dropped off at our Osgood Processing Plant or our Greenville Farm. Turnaround times for product processing will vary throughout the season.  All prices are charged per pound based on finished product.  Please have your deer tag # with you when you drop off your venison. You will pick up your product at the same location. Please direct all questions to: 419-582-4321


Deer Product Pricing:

Deer Burger - $1.00 per pound.

Deer Hot Dogs - $4.00 per pound

Deer Snack Sticks - $4.00 per pound

Deer Jerky - $4.25 per pound

Regular Summer Sausage - $3.00 per pound /   $3.35 for Half  Sticks

Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage - $4.00 per pound (Only half sticks) 

 Click Here To Download Deer Information Sheet 


*All products have Pork Added except Deer Jerky.  



Winner’s Meats does not debone deer. All deer accepted for processing MUST be free of bone, and hair. Deer meat can be brought in frozen, or refrigerated.

 Click here for a list of persons and processors who debone deer. 

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