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Winner's Meats

Established in 1928, Robert Winner and sons has continued the work of producing quality meat products for nearly a century. Our founder, Robert began processing beef and pork in his barn for neighbors and friends. The three generations of Winners that have followed Robert continue to strive to maintain a trust with their customers and always produce a quality product. We’re often asked about the longevity of our success and Winner’s President Brian Winner believes it’s as simple and timeless as our approach to producing fresh, quality meat. “You have to work long, hard, and have dedication to the family business; that’s what it takes to succeed. We work right beside our employees, whether it is cutting meat or scraping the floor, if that’s what needs to be done.” Our philosophy of hard-work extends from the harvest room floor, to the fields, the barns and to the corner office, with all employees expected to do their part regardless of their last name. 

As the company carries on the proud family tradition, Winner’s Meats is utilizing social media to spread the word about their award-winning products and engage with the company’s expanding customer base. The effort is being led by Winner’s up-and-coming fourth-generation owners, whose level of comfort with technology and social media will be a boost to the company moving forward. Our website has added the convenience of online ordering & allows us to ship our award winning and homemade products all over the country. In August 2019 we started expanding our Osgood Ohio Processing Plant, and in early 2020 we expanded the number of retail stores and local restaurants carrying our products. We are looking forward to expanding our regional presence in the Dayton, Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio areas. 

For almost a century Winner’s Meats has made a generational commitment to our community and we expect to continue that legacy.

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