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Call either location to order your split half, half or whole Black Angus Steer for $3.19 per pound. This per pound price is based on the hanging weight and INCLUDES basic processing charges.  

Our animals are grass raised Angus Steers that are grain-finished on our farm in Greenville, Ohio. We plant, harvest, grind, and mix our own feed, so we’re assured it’s pure in quality. Customers have the opportunity to purchase our farm raised halves and split halves of beef, and all animals are cut to your specifications.



 Osgood Processing Plant 419-582-4321

 Greenville Farm 937-548-7513


For a small additional fee per pound, we can make Winner’s Meats Homemade items from your furnished beef. 

Winner’s Meats Favorites below or call for a complete list!

Our “NEW” Firehouse Burgers   $1.75 per #

Our popular Pizza Patties           $1.75 per #

Our Bacon Cheeseburgers         $2.00 per #

                           Summer Sausage/Jalapeno SS   $2.25/2.50 per #

                           Smokey Sticks                              $2.75 per #





Don’t forget our Marinated Skirt Steaks! They’re almost as famous as our Pork Chops – add them for an additional $3.25 per quarter of beef!


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