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Breakfast sausage seasonings
Breakfast Sausage Seasoning maple blend
Breakfast Sausage Seasoning hunter's blend
Western Legends Breakfast Sausage seasoning

Hi Mountain Breakfast Sausage Kits

Winner's Meats

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Homemade breakfast sausage is fun and easy to make, and with Hi Mountain sausage seasonings you are in control. Make your sausage using 100% pork or mix pork with turkey or wild game—deer, elk, buffalo, antelope. Make patties, use Hi Mountain's Link Master to make links or leave it ground to use in your favorite recipe. With Hi Mountain’s quality seasonings and your personal touch you won’t settle for anything but homemade again. Flavors up to 24# of meat. Available in five flavors - Original, Maple Blend, Hunter's Blend, Prairie Sage, and "NEW" Chorizo Blend. 

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